Winsley Gives Up the Ghost Pumpkin

October 2016
Winsley finds a free pumpkin but gets more than he bargained for — ghosts, possession, a very odd grocery store, and even some Black Sabbath!
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Winsley and the Ghost of Christmas Trees Past

December 2015
Something is not quite right with Winsley’s Christmas tree. He suspects it is haunted and decides to leave an offering to the Ghost of Christmas Trees Past.
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Winsley Wins a Pumpkin

October 2015
Winsley visits a pumpkin patch to pick out his favorite pumpkin. But his ghost friends are playing a trick. Will Winsley get a treat in the end?
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Winsley is Invited to a Ghost Wedding

October 2014
Winsley is invited to a ghost wedding in a haunted garden. He can’t find the guests, but he does find the cake (and the bride’s bouquet finds him).
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Winsley Visits a Haunted Pumpkin

October 2013
Winsley visits a haunted pumpkin for Halloween. He just wants to be scared but the pumpkin’s residents have more transcendental ideas.
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Winsley Takes His Shadow for a Walk

October 2012
Winsley take his shadow for a walk in a haunted forest. His shadow gets scared and runs away, but Winsley is oblivious to the ghouls and ghosts around him.
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Winsley Trick-or-Treats

October 2010
Winsley goes trick-or-treating in a bad neighborhood. Luckily he has a specter-protector looking out for him.
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Winsley and the Haunted China Cabinet

October 2009
Haunted houses are boring, but haunted china cabinets are full of surprises. Levitating butter dishes, turning teacups, and more!
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Winsley and the Haunted Pumpkin

October 2008
Winsley’s pumpkin has a life of its own and he has no choice but to kill it with a knife. Little does he know what is inside.
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Winsley’s Valentine’s Song

February 2008
Everybody loves you, but Winsley loves you a little bit more. Featuring the song “Everybody Loves You” by Jon Anderson from YES.
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Winsley and the Ghost

October 2007
Winsley’s very first movie! He hopes you forgive the low quality and can enjoy the spooky dollhouse.
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